Appointment with God

Appointment With God

Developing a lifelong consistent relationship with God is an intentional activity that requires;

Strategy: A consistent realistic plan.

Time: One must find a consistent time that works with busy schedules. Start small and allow the habit to strengthen as consistency becomes regular.

Place: Find a place free from distractions with flexibility over time.

Plan: Develop a plan and stick to it.

Step1. Read: The goal of reading the text is to spend time with God. Only read what you can meditate on. Read over the text a couple of times slowly. Ask God to speak to your heart.

Step 2. Record: Pinpoint what God is saying to you. Note the verses or phrases that grab your heart and write them in your journal.

Step 3. Reflect: With a view to understanding dialogue with God in prayer over the text. The journal will give you an avenue to develop your thoughts making them very personal.

Step 4. Respond: Write out a short prayer to God on what God has said to you in your appointment with God.

Look for opportunity throughout the day to share your appointment with God with someone you meet. Make your appointment with God a relational activity in your day to day witnessing.

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