Keep the Labourers Labouring

Dear Friends

God wants to see His kingdom grow and this happens when, through His Spirit, he uses the changed life of an ordinary person, just like you and me, to change another.  We see it in the example of Jesus who chose a few disciples and invested deeply in them, so that the helpless masses would receive His compassion.  As Navigators, we follow Jesus’ example by investing in people life-on-life for life, leading them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.  We train disciples to multiply so that they not only impact individual lives but generations…we train them to be labourers.

Training, equipping and encouraging our labourers is not only essential to them, but also critical to achieving our ultimate goal, for the harassed and helpless to know God’s compassion.

But labourers are not invincible. They are normal, everyday people just like the fishermen and tax collectors called by Jesus to be his apostles. They’re weak, imperfect men and women who need help, support and encouragement to keep labouring. Therefore, we are running a 6-week long appeal, “Keep the Labourer’s Labouring” which will directly support those currently labouring.

You may have already received a letter from me about this appeal.  We are a couple of weeks in to this campaign, with four weeks remaining to contribute.  If you haven’t had a chance to do so already, please prayerfully consider partnering with us by giving here “Keep the Labourer’s Labouring“.  


Here are a few things your gifts will support:

  • Training and supporting our gift income staff.
  • Visiting and encouraging the labourers who have moved into other parts of Australia to keep labouring where God has placed them.
  • Refreshing, encouraging and allowing our staff to draw closer to God through our annual five-day retreat, where they spend time alone with God in the Word and prayer.
  • Developing our next generation of leaders.
  • Helping us connect with more people and communicate more effectively through activities such as the redevelopment of our website.

Labouring together,

Grant Dibden
National Director


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