God’s Word Impacting Young Hearts

By Rob Allen (with Angie Allen), Queensland Labouring Community, first published in Compass Winter 2024 issue.

Angie and I thank God for having the opportunity to share God’s message of love and hope through His Word with young people over the decades. Many are under enormous social, emotional and spiritual pressure such as family breakdowns, addictive behaviours and new age beliefs in an environment of no absolutes.

Today, God’s Word, His divine nature and standards as revealed in the Bible are considered unfashionable, lacking tolerance and open-mindedness. It is more common to believe that everyone’s truth is equally valid and more common to use Jesus’ name as a swear word.

In this spiritual void, a spiritual hunger is growing for love, security and significance, which Jesus promises through the true freedom of John 8:31-32, “The truth will set you free’’.

God is shining his light into the hearts of youth. Photo: Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash.

God is shining His light into the hearts of youth. Some are accepting invitations to attend church, prayer, and youth groups. In one prayer group, children are enjoying each other’s company and connecting with God, praying for the world and each other. They ask questions about the Bible, discuss issues relating to them and share how God has been answering their prayers.

We have heard comments like, “I have a special bond with Jesus since joining this group and hearing Bible stories of Jesus”. Joe* says, ”Jesus is my best friend”. Another child commented that swearing has stopped.

Hearing and reading the stories from the Bible grows faith (Romans 10:17), and children are finding out about Jesus’ power and God’s love for them. They thank and praise Him for who He is.

Hearing about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples has introduced them to discovering and using gifts to serve. They have begun using their gifts to build each other up following Jesus’ example of servanthood. Children are identifying and selecting what they enjoy volunteering for, in an environment where their gifts are acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated. They are socially stimulated and enjoy being centre stage. They are mutually encouraged while growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

Zack* had many questions about God. Whilst reading the Bible, he believed that God loved him, Jesus died for his sin and he wanted to follow Jesus. He overcame alcohol addiction and now displays an inner peace noticeable to those living with him. He now talks to God as his best friend and reads His Word daily.

Please pray that more spiritually hungry people in various local communities will discover God’s love for them personally. Pray that they will develop the fruits of the Spirit, grow in love, and love His Word, being set free by the truth.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy of individuals in sensitive situations.

Rob and Angie are semi-retired in Queensland and continue to reach out to individuals and groups in their community. (Photo: supplied.)





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