God’s Work in Conversations

By Cynthia Mitchell

We have a number of Staff who are involved in Conversational English Classes as part of their ministry with Australian Navigators. One of them is Peter.* While Peter has been helping mainly Chinese people learn to speak with confidence, he helps whoever comes through the door. When asked how they hear about the class, Peter shared, “There is a network among immigrants where they get to know where they can receive ‘free English help’. Many people drop in, sometimes they stay, sometimes they don’t. People also learn about the class through our church’s website.”

The English Conversation Class has been running for 10-15 years within Peter’s church, having one to eight people attending each class. This year Peter had four participants who attended on a regular basis. Two became Christians, and one said she hopes to but isn’t quite there yet.

Only three months ago; two men and one woman made a commitment to Christ. Two participants had been part of Peter’s class for about two years, another one coming for only six months. This was the first year in Peter’s ministry that he witnessed three people make commitments to follow Christ.

What do they talk about during English Conversation Class? “We talk about anything that they want to talk about. As the conversation is appropriate, I will throw in a Christian perspective. In recent months Christianity was what participants wanted to talk and learn more about,” shared Peter.

Peter has continued to have ongoing conversations with each of these new believers individually about matters relating to Christianity, life and how to live. He hopes to encourage them to get more involved in Christian groups. This has had varying success as he’s witnessed immigrants lived incredibly busy lives.

Just recently Peter held a Christmas Breakup barbeque at his home. They had a great turnout with 15 people attending, which included participants and their families. Everyone shared how much they enjoyed the barbeque and would love to do more activities like that!

We again are so happy to see God working in the lives of the lost. We are also thankful for workers in the field toiling for countless years and are greatly encouraged that we can enjoy the excitement of seeing brothers and sisters coming to faith. Peter stated, “I’m just a spectator to what God is doing. It is God’s work!”

Amen. May we continue to love and serve God diligently as we reflect Him and make Him known. We pray that God will continue to bless Peter and his ministry and work in the hearts of these students, and many will come to know Christ from hearing and experiencing his love for them.

*Name has been changed due to sensitive nature of individual’s ministry, workplace or where being identified could adversely affect other people’s situation. 

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