Building upon the Rock!

We want to invite you to help us build a very special community.

I am sure you are aware of the challenge that is facing our Defence families and the need for community and connections. Solid Rock has been engaged and working with Defence families since 2006 and we have connected with many women all around Australia.

Solid Rock is a Ministry that aims to encourage military wives/partners to live Christian lives, whilst recognising the unique stress and hardships that are placed upon military families, particularly during posting cycles and deployment/separation. We ask you to consider supporting us and one of our key initiatives for 2019: To fund a community centre that will be the heart of Solid Rock. 


We are bringing a new initiative to you and this has been specifically designed to:

  • Build a safe space for women to share life together.
  • Build a sense of belonging around shared experiences.
  • Develop relationships with women who are not yet believers.
  • Provide practical support to women as they navigate the stresses of military life.
  • Provide a Christian community for women to deepen their faith in Jesus and past that onto others.
  • Have a place of fun and laughter.

We are looking to you as more than just a financial partner but a key supporter that allows us to continue this vital work. This initiative is the result of both feedback and an opportunity that was brought to us through one of those God-moments and we are incredibly excited about bringing an ongoing ministry through this space to our Defence community.


Our goal for this project is to have $1,300 per month committed and available to pay for the logistics that come with anything of this nature. It is critical we get this right and secure ongoing funding to enable us to deliver not only on a community centre but also on the mission we believe God has called us to.

As we progress, it is our commitment to keep you updated not only with what this initiative is doing but also with how God is changing lives.

We have provided information on how to pledge and donate on this page, and additional information or questions can be addressed to Julianne McMaster at [email protected].

It is our hope that Solid Rock will have $1,300 per month to allow us to plan forward for the year.

Could you please prayerfully consider donating and being our partner in this initiative?


Thanking God for your generosity!

Julianne McMaster

Solid Rock

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