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Nepal is a country of 29 million people, 80% of whom are Hindu. One of our close mission partners is the Nepali Navigators. This ministry has grown over 30 years of a multi-national effort of American,  Australian, Indonesian, Korean, and British missionaries. The fruit of this ministry led to the national leadership of Nepal being transitioned to the capable hands of Nepali nationals.

Prabhat and his wife, Lalita, with their son

We have partnered with the Nepali Navigators in many ways over the years and we are eager to do so again. This past year not only has Nepal been faced with the challenges of COVID-19, but also with the unexpected and sudden death of our brother Prabhat who served a vital role on their National Leadership Team and was our primary Nepali contact.

Dave McIntosh had the following memories to share:

“Jules and I first met Prabhat in 2014 when he lead our team around the Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. We met some of the guys that he was sharing the gospel with and others who he was discipling. He had shared with us the struggles that his wife, Lalita, and he were having in falling pregnant. When we met him again in 2018, he was so delighted to share with us that they were expecting a baby.

David had the privilege of taking Prabhat swimming in the ocean for the first time!

… I also had the pleasure of being at a missions conference in Turkey with Prabhat in 2019. I got to take him swimming in the ocean for the first time! The Mediterranean Sea is a long way away from landlocked Nepal. Prabhat worked for World Vision in Nepal and he and Lalita were looking for opportunities to impact their local community with the gospel.

“At the September National Council, I sent Prabhat a picture of the council after we had just prayed for Nepal. He was so thankful for the prayer.”

As we continue to partner with the Nepali Navigators and continue praying for them all as they adapt to the loss of Prabhat, there are 2 ways we wanted to share our love and support with these brothers and sisters.

Lalita with her son

The first is for Prabhat’s immediate family. The Navigators have been helping Lalita financially, but there is still a need for another $5,000. Would you prayerfully consider supporting her and her son with us as they continue to figure out how to move forward?

The second is for the ministry nationally. We wanted to take this opportunity to contribute to their National Endowment fund and provide practical support to their ongoing growth. The principal capital of this fund will not be spent – only the earnings generated from it.

They will then be used to help cover expenses related to outreach, discipleship, and training, including materials and travelling costs to encourage and strengthen those scattered in different cities, towns, and villages in Nepal. It will also help pay for the expenses of those invited to attend regional or international gatherings. They need $20,000 to reach their goal. Would you pray about whether God would have you invest in the future and continued growth of this important ministry to Hindus in Nepal?

Labouring Together,





Grant Dibden

National Director


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