Dear Friend,

The world remains broken, desperate and in need of redemption. Jesus is the answer and we — each one of His people — are His means to seeing the Kingdom continue to advance. We are seeing the growth of the Gospel in Australia, slowly but surely. It is hard work that requires the perseverance of our staff and labourers, and we rejoice and thank God as we see lives transformed for His glory.

This growth of the Gospel is clearly reflected in Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32. In this parable we are told about the Kingdom of Heaven, ‘Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree.’ Are you excited that the worldwide movement of Christians is now over 2.2 billion? We are! As Navigators, we continue to send labourers into the harvest.

We wrote to you last year about our calling and desire to not only send out new labourers and help them get started in labouring, but that we must also care for them and support them to be successful in labouring for a lifetime. To this end we began our Growing Capacity” Project. It will provide support and care to the staff, assist in development of their ministry skills and invest in their ministry when necessary. The result under God will be more people coming to faith, being discipled and helping others to do the same, year after year after year.

God is at work and has certainly been blessing this effort through the generosity and sacrificial giving of His people. We trust Him to provide the rest this year. Your gift to make this possible is the gift that will keep on giving because we will use the return from investing this capital to care and support God’s labourers for years to come.

Please pray about whether you would be willing to partner with us financially in taking care of God’s labourers. We are excited to see what God will do. And we look forward to continuing this labouring for a lifetime alongside you, as our partnership grows over the coming year.

Labouring Together,

Grant Dibden
National Director


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