From Grant To You

from Compass, Spring 2018

Dear Friend,

As Navigators we are passionate about seeing lives, generations and — ultimately — nations transformed for the glory of God. We are committed and relentless in our drive to see the world won to Jesus! We want to play our part in seeing that “great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9). God has called us to do this through “spiritual generations of labourers, living and discipling among the lost.”

Labourers are the focus in this Compass. Belinda and Nathan Krause have been labouring for 10 years; Robin Dennis and David and Rae Turner for nearly 50 years each! These are ordinary people who are walking with God. They are people who are making disciples as they go about their everyday life in their workplace, in the neighbourhood and in their social networks. Loving people — being kind, sharing the good new of what Jesus has done for them, praying for them and studying the Word together.

As David retires from more than 30 years of faithful service on the Compass Team, I want to publicly thank him for his faithful labour in that endeavour. But one thing I know about David and Rae is they won’t retire from labouring. They will continue to share about Jesus, lead Bible study, be kind and pray for as long as the Lord enables. They are a great example of labouring for a lifetime and I thank God for the gift they have been to the Navigators. I look forward to seeing them regularly at Navigators events and in Brisbane in the future.

Together let us go wherever He leads and do whatever He asks. Lead on!

Grant Dibden

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