National Conference 2017

Evening Friday 3 – Afternoon Monday 6 November 

Stanwell Tops, Sydney

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Labouring for a Lifetime

“The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out labourers into his harvest field.”  (Matt 9:37-38)

With all the resources of heaven at his disposal, Jesus looked over the helpless crowds and encouraged his closest followers to ask God for what they truly needed…more labourers.  Ordinary people, doing ordinary things.  Down in the fields.  Rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty….….what an unusual and seemingly underwhelming thing to request.  So why did Jesus pray for more of them?  And furthermore, what defines a labourer and who can be one?  

During this Conference Mike will explore these questions and more as we seek to understand the meaning and present implications of Jesus’ instruction.

Our Speaker

Mike Treneer is the recently retired International President of the Navigators. Mike laboured for many years in Africa before moving onto the International Leadership Team for 10 years. He is a gifted Bible teacher and is passionate about building up labourers next door to everywhere.

Workshop Options

Building Disciples within our Family for Generations
Frank & Magda Mapperson

Much is said about the vision for building generational labourers; which is often focussed outside the home.  Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and Psalm 78:2-7 indicate that a critical application of this begins in, and flows out of, families.  Join Frank and Magda Mapperson to discuss how we can apply this vision within the family through common phases of life to impact generations yet to come.

Workplace Witness:  Living and Discipling Among the Lost at your Job
Dr Frank Tully

Whether you work in a shop, office, factory, school, hospital or anywhere else, you work in the Kingdom of God.  Dr Frank Tully will guide our exploration into the various ways we live as Kingdom Labourers right where He has called us to work.  Come discover what it means for you to follow Jesus on the job and “work as unto the Lord” (Col.3:23)

Mistakes in Discipling:  “We’ve made a few!” 
Scott & Tami Brown

In 20 years of making disciples Scott and Tami Brown feel they have made their fair share of things wrong.  During this workshop they’ll share some of the mistakes they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned, which have helped them in the process of making labourers.

‘Maintaining your passion for labouring over the long term’ 
Mike Johnson

 As we labour throughout life there will be times where we must persevere under trial, cope with discouragement in ministry fruitfulness and endure through our own sense of inadequacy and sin.   A deep understanding of God’s faithfulness and sufficiency will encourage and sustain us despite these circumstances and give us great hope because of the God we serve.  Mike Johnson will help us with perspective, attitudes and some practical principles to inspire us from the life and ministry of Christ, the challenges Moses confronted and the example of the model Servant of the Lord defined in Isaiah.

 ‘Does not wisdom call out?’ (Proverbs 8:1)
Luke Midena

 Common perspectives about issues such as universalism, individualism, sexuality, materialism and greed, can leave us feeling that any conversation about the gospel will result in hostility. But is there a way to not only positively engage with these issues, but use them as pointers to the gospel?

 Getting Started, Keeping Going. 
Robin Dennis

 Robin Dennis, under God’s hand, has been making labourers for over 45 years.  Robin has discipled literally hundreds of people and continues to do this today.  From this wealth of experience Robin will help you think through how do you get people started in the harvest field and how do you keep them going.

 Forgiveness, Repentance, Reconciliation, Restitution in Disciple Making. 
Grant Dibden

 If you are going to labour for a lifetime, you will be in many relationships and inevitably there will be some conflict.  How do you deal with it?  What do you do when someone offends us repeatedly but refuses to admit they are in the wrong, or worse, continue to physically hurt or harm us? Do we seek justice? Aren’t Christians called to forgive an unlimited number of times?  How do you love your enemy? Grant Dibden will help us explore what the Scriptures say on these issues and how you might put that into practice.

 Affairs, Pornography and Purity
Randall Donohue & Rae Turner

Sexuality is a phenomenally powerful and pervasive part of human existence.  This is how God has created us and it is good.  However, because of sin, it can also bring about some of life’s most miserable experiences.  Deep (and silent) struggle with sexual purity is common throughout our communities.  If left unchecked, it can destroy faith, relationships and ministries.  Randall Donohue and Rae Turner will be leading the session.  They will share on the biblical teaching on monogamy and adultery.  We will discuss why we are so drawn to pornography and why we find what another can offer so attractive.  This is relevant to both singles and couples, men and women.  Some of our discussions will be in gender-specific groups to facilitate more open discussion.


Early Bird no longer available Normal
Adult $350 $420
Couple $700 $840
Uni Student $275 $299
Family rates (includes  Students)
   – all children under age 3 $799 $899
   – all children under Kindy $890 $990
   – all children under Year 7 $925 $1,025
   – any student Year 7 and above $999 $1,099

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