Discipleship Conference 2023 Workshops

Keynote Speaker: Mutua Mahiaini, Navigators International President 

What a tremendous blessing to finally host Mutua in Australia as our keynote speaker for this Conference. While we did have the privilege of hearing him speak at our last conference, we were not able to meet with him in person due to the restrictions in 2021. Now, he is here and we are excited to deep-dive into the Word with Mutua during the main sessions, learning about Being a Disciple and Making Disciples Who Make Disciples.

We also have great workshops that will run in between these main sessions.

Saturday Workshops:

An Enduring Heart for the Nations – Dave & Jules McIntosh
For many of us, we have responded in the past with enthusiasm as we have heard of God’s heart for the nations. But as the daily grind of life has crowded in, that enthusiasm, commitment and heart for the nations may have waned. In this workshop we will spend time reminding ourselves of God’s compassion for people of all nations, and consider how we may spur one another on in remaining passionate and engaged in the growth of the Kingdom across the globe.

Discipling Men – Andrew Oldfield
A mix of theory and practical work on discipling relationships with men. Areas covered will be the basis and essential components of discipling relationships, as well as the goals and context of discipling in Australia.

Discipling Navigator Children (Young and Old) – Stephanie Mahiaini
Navigator children have a godly heritage from parents who are active in ministry. So much has been invested in them in their earlier years. However, they may be a sleeping giant, waiting to be re-activated to fully believe in their part in ministry, whether they subscribe to the Navigator CORE or not.

God the Multiplier – Nate Mirza
For four score and ten years the vision God gave the Navigators was to help fulfill the Great Commission through spiritual parenting. What can following the fruit of your ministry look like? We will look at some ways in which God has been doing this. Nate grew up in Iran’s Assyrian community, and came to Christ as an international student at California Polytechnic Uni. Since 1977, he has worked among international students in Wisconsin and Colorado. Nate has made several trips to visit returnees, wrote the book, Home Again, continues to mentor alumni who have returned to their countries and continues to train and coach international student ministry workers worldwide.

Sunday Workshops:

Being Salt and Light to our Neighbours – Howard & Joni Chan & Jane Sheppard
In this practical workshop, we will share the lessons we have learnt in being salt and light to our neighbours. We will engage in exercises and discussions to help us reach out to our community in a more intentional way and explore ideas for how we can be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural.

Living in a Culture that Worships Individualism – Bruce Clarke & Mike Swan
The western culture of “Expressive Individualism” is producing rapid changes in areas such as morality, gender, and sexuality. Personal identity, how we view others and what it means to live the good life emerge from the story we believe we live within. In this workshop we will explore the challenges and opportunities of living and discipling faithfully within the Biblical story while being in a culture that values personal authenticity and self-expression.

Sharing the Hope of the Gospel – Levi & Lindsey Swartzentruber
We all experience the uncertainties, difficulties, stresses and disappointments of living in a broken world. We all look to something or someone to give us hope for a better tomorrow. The only sure hope to be found in this world is in the gospel. How does that hope shape the way you think and live, and how can that hope help you share Jesus with those around you in a compelling way?

Women in Prayer  – Barbara Brown, Kathie Clarke, Helen McIntosh, June Sparks & Geneve Utley
Enjoy this special women-only time of sharing, caring and praying for each other. Join us as we place our trust in God’s faithful love, grace and goodness working in our communities, ministries, families, and in us personally.

Saturday and Sunday Workshops:

How to Disciple Young Believers – Robin Dennis
Robin has a wealth of experience in discipling young people. He will share his insights from his experience of discipling literally hundreds and hundreds of young people one to one and in small groups. What has been helpful in encouraging new Christians to grow and what are some traps he has fallen into? What helps to fulfil Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20 and 2 Timothy 2? There will also be mutual learning as people share their ideas and experiences … what is helpful and any mistakes you have made.

Workplace and Community Discipleship – Mike & Sian Stucken
“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time…” (Epheisans 5:15-16a) How much time have you got to do the work you have been given to do? In this session we will challenge ourselves with big questions about our lives. We will work through practical self reflection and group discussion with the aim of finding our own pathways to improving our productivity so we can more fully achieve the calling in Ephesians 2: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them”.


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