Workshop Notes 2017


Forgiveness, Repentence, Reconciliation, Restitution in Disciplemaking

This paper by Grant Dibden explores what the Scriptures say on the issues of forgiveness, seeking justice, loving your enemy, dealing with conflict, and more.

Workshop with Grant Dibden


Getting Started, Keeping Going

From Robin’s wealth of experience in making labourers and discipling hundreds of people, these notes will help you think through how to get people started in the harvest field and how to keep them going.

Workshop notes by Robin Dennis

‘Maintaining your passion for labouring over the long term’

As we labour throughout life there will be times where we must persevere under trial, cope with discouragement in ministry fruitfulness and endure through our own sense of inadequacy and sin. A deep understanding of God’s faithfulness and sufficiency will encourage and sustain us despite these circumstances and give us great hope because of the God we serve.
Mike will help us with perspective, attitudes and some practical principles to inspire us from the life and ministry of Christ, the challenges Moses confronted and the example of the model Servant of the Lord defined in Isaiah.

Workshop documents by Mike Johnson       Handout&     Paper 

Mistakes in Discipling: “We’ve made a few!”

In 20 years of making disciples Scott and Tami Brown feel they have made their fair share of things wrong. During this workshop they’ll share some of the mistakes they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned, which have helped them in the process of making labourers.

Workshop notes by Scott & Tami Brown 

Workplace Witness: Living and Discipling Among the Lost in Your Job

Whether you work in a shop, office, factory, school, hospital or anywhere else, you work in the Kingdom of God. These notes are a guide in exploring the various ways we live as Kingdom labourers where He has called us to work.

Workshop notes by Dr Frank Tully 

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