From a Conference First-Timer…

By Jaye Cox, Compass, Winter 2018

Mike Treneer speaking at the National Conference, Nov 2017

I knew in my heart that my family needed to attend the conference, but there was still that feeling of being “newbies in a well-established village.”

Got there and – BOOM! – you get the impression from Mike Treneer that he has really lived what he’s talking about. Speaking in-depth about “Labouring for a Lifetime” and showering it with a huge dose of compassion, Mike gave a clear vision of Jesus embracing people to himself, including me. I was being encouraged to see others with Jesus’ compassion and to feel the urgency to give them hope from the brokenness.

My husband and I had the privilege of not only rubbing shoulders with “labourers,” we felt welcome and openness ooze freely from people we’d never met before. We were nudged and spurred on to think more deeply about the impact of the Navigators and what labouring in love can look like in our lifetime.

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