The Navigators’ Ministry Apprenticeship Program is a two-year training opportunity*, adaptable for full or part-time participants, which is designed to impart practical ministry skills, active ministry experience and direction to help prepare you for a life of serving God.

  • It is a hands-on ministry experience – real, on the ground mission – combined with the benefit of developmental study and theory.
  • You receive teaching, training, mentoring and coaching throughout the program – and into the future.
  • It will help you clarify your personal calling.
  • You’ll develop valuable life and professional skills which will provide benefit beyond the apprenticeship program.

*part-time participation may require more than 2 years.


The Vision

The vision for this program comes from our Calling which is, “To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling among the lost.” 

Our primary aim is to train and develop young men and women who will faithfully and purposefully invest their lives in a few – walking alongside them life-on-life and helping them to grow in their relationship with Christ and to invest their lives in others. In this way, we hope to build generations of labourers – everyday workers – who are actively impacting the lives of those around them throughout every phase of life. 

Our desire is for this to be more than just a course in “how to do ministry” but rather a life-changing, direction-setting experience in ministry which influences people now and for generations to come – even beyond what you may see in your lifetime.


Some of what you’ll do. . .

  • Step out in faith into ministry and mission.
  • Partner with a local team, serving as a labourer and investing in the lives of a few.
  • Influence others in a dynamic life-on-life way.
  • Learn to use the Bible naturally in evangelism and discipleship.
  • Develop skills in leading small group bible studies.
  • Participate in planning, organising and leading various aspects of the local ministry.
  • Trust God through the process of fundraising.
  • Personal study and application in developing your
 relationship with God and Christ-like character.


Navigators have been involved with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) since 1971. We have networks comprised of people whose love for God overflows in a passion to take the Gospel to the lost and lead disciples who make other disciples. Our communities are composed of people from all ranks, and an atmosphere of grace and love characterises our interaction with each other. We focus on the Bible as the foundation for all we do and are strong on prayer following the persistent urging and quiet nudging of the Holy Spirit. Life-on-life discipleship is our hallmark.

We have a strong community at the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College. This community is integrated into the broader Christian community in Canberra including our work at ANU and with families in Canberra, many of whom are military families.

You can download the ADFA RMC Navigators – Flyer for more information and contact details:

Our sister organisation, Solid Rock, also ministers to Defence wives/partners and female serving members. Visit their website here: Solid Rock Website

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