A warm welcome to someone new…

Welcome our new Office Coordinator, Anneke Meintjes!

Karen Woolley, from the National Head Office, has been faithfully serving with the Australian Navigators for over three decades. This year she has entered semi-retirement, and is busy transitioning into this new lifestyle while still coming in to assist a couple of days a month.

As she does so, the Head Office in Sydney has had to find someone who can step into her role and help continue moving us forward. Anneke Meintjes (pronounced “Anne-a-kah Main-keys”) started with us in December 2018.

Let’s get to know Anneke Susan Meintjes…

How are you involved with the Navigators?

I am the Office Coordinator and Bookshop Manager. I take care of the administration needs of the office staff as well as those on the “field”, I assist with Accounts, draft Welcome and Thank You letters, answer phone calls, receive mail and deliveries, correspond with donors, and manage bookshop orders, among other things.

Tell us a little bit about your family and your background:

My husband, Andre, and I moved to Australia in 2017 with our two children, Markus (2.5 years old) and Lea (5 years old). Our family is originally from South Africa, where we were born and grew up. We lived in Cape Town for 8 years before we immigrated to Australia, and we have lived happily here since then. We love cycling together, taking hikes, going camping and going to the beach.

How are you transitioning from being a full-time stay-at-home Mum to now working as well?

I am still figuring it out as I go, I always worked before my son was born but I must confess that I had help at home. Now it is a bit different: new country, new job, new schools, etc. I am slowly getting the hang of it again and everything is working out so beautifully! God is good and He provides!

How has the Navigators and other Christian communities helped you settle into Australian life?

So well. It is such an amazing feeling to know that there are communities like the Navigators and my friends from Church who are willing to provide assistance and care with everything life throws at you, and willing to pray for you. The Australian life is not very different to what I am used to but some things are unfamiliar to me, and at the Navigators Office I am learning very quickly with the help from everyone here!

Thank you for welcoming Anneke with us! Feel free to email her ([email protected]) or call our office (02 8814 5006) to introduce yourself or if you have any other queries.

She’d love to help you!

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