Advancing the Kingdom in Indonesia

Indonesia has 259 million people, 86% of them are Muslim and many are poor. Poverty doesn’t just affect the present for these families and children in Indonesia … it affects their entire futures.

Many children drop out of school because their families cannot afford for them to go.  The children then begin working to help provide the needs of their families, but because they are largely unskilled and uneducated they can only get low paying jobs.  The children become stuck in these low paying jobs that will not cover the needs of their own families as they grow … and the cycle of poverty continues.  It’s truly heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia have begun a scholarship program for young children within their local community, to continue going to school.  This scholarship program not only provides the funds necessary to fulfil the needs of the children, but also provides a community of support for the whole family.  This scholarship community meets every few months with whole families to enjoy time together.  They spend time playing games, catching up on each other’s lives, evaluating and supporting the children’s education, and our brothers and sisters are showing this community what it means to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put it into practice.  By God’s grace some of the children and their families have been open to the Gospel and learning how to trust Jesus as their Saviour in their context.

God has provided such a unique opportunity for the Gospel to advance within this community.  But they need some help with funding.

We are asking God to provide $33,480 by 15 June+.  We’ve had some generous gifts given so far, and for those we are very thankful.  But we still have a long way to go to reach our target.  We would love you to invest not only in breaking the cycle of poverty for an individual by supporting them for a month or a year, but in seeing them come to faith and be the start of generations of believers in Indonesia.  However, any gift God leads you to give today will help these beautiful discipleship ministries impact every area of these people’s lives and communities.

What’s being achieved Cost per Month Cost Per Year
Basic needs and education for 1 child, impacting the local community with practical Gospel living  $36  $432
Basic needs and education for 1 teen, changing their future, demonstrating the Gospel and enabling discipleship training  $110  $1320
Basic needs and education for 1 uni student, enabling them to complete their studies, demonstrating the Gospel and enabling discipleship training  $165  $1980


+Please note this gift is not tax deductible.


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