You are welcome to join us at these events, but if you are unable to attend, we value your support through prayers. Visit our page regularly for updates!


Nationwide Events

28 May – 7 June  Jerry White in Australia (check events under each State)

11-22 June  Chee Hoe in Australia (check events under each State)

2-15 July  Rob and Karen Mahon in Australia (check events under each State)

28-30 September  National Student Conference (location yet to be announced)



4-6 May  Solid Rock Ladies Retreat 2018, Stanwell Tops. Contact: [email protected], Bookings:

18 May  Canberra ‘Thank You’ Dinner

20 June  Labourers Community Meeting

17-19 August  Canberra Men’s Retreat, Deua Tin Huts. Watch this space for more details!

17 October  Labourers Community Meeting



5 May  Brisbane Rally, Raymont Lodge, 60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower. Parking at rear: 47 Cadell St.

2 June  Brisbane Rally; Speaker: Jerry White

14 July   Brisbane Rally



1 June  Senior Business Luncheon with Jerry White

11 June  Chee Hoe in Sydney

15 June  Labourers Community Meeting



28 April  NextGen Labourers Development Practical Discipling Workshop

16-21 June  Chee Hoe in Melbourne

17 June  Labourers Community Meeting with Chee Hoe

14 July   Melbourne Dinner with Rob and Karen Mahon

September  ISM Conference – watch this space for more details!


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